Monday, December 11, 2017

I do art, occasionally

Hey folks.
I have a little something different today. Below is my rendition of the cover page for the OSR rpg, The Basic Hack. I did this edit to make it a little more printer friendly on my end, and I believe it's nice to have alternate options if desired.
I will try to find a way to host any .pdfs I create, but for now, here is the image.
All rights to the Basic Hack are strictly the property of Nathan J. Hill. My rendition should be considered a parody and does not represent the official document.
You can purchase the Basic Hack here: The Basic Hack

In which you get to roll dice and read shit to your players.

Alright, second post ever. I'm still setting up the blog, but I figured sharing a few tables may be fun, so here you go.
Note: These are written with D&D 5e in mind, but should be easy enough to convert to other systems.

{Dungeon Encounters}

(roll 1d6)
1: A horde of Goblins, 3d6 in number. Refer to the Pointy Things table to determine their armaments.
2: A strangely silent room...
3: A lone dwarf, injured and dying. Will you help him?
4: It's a snake! Don't get bit.
5: These tunnels are new...
6: Strange Spores hang heavily in the air. You may want to hold your breath...

{Pointy Things}

(roll 1d20 or 2d10)
1-2: A sharp stick? (1d2 + 1)
3-5: Rusty dagger. (1d4 + 2 points poison damage)
6-8: Jagged short-sword. (1d6 + 2)
9-10: Short-bow, arrows have a 50% chance of being poisoned. (1d6 + 1, or 1d6 + 3)
11-13: A shitty long-sword. (1d8 - 1)
14-16: A severed troll arm. (1d6)
17-18: Long-bow, arrows have a 75% chance of being poisoned. (1d8 + 1, or 1d8 + 3)
19-20: Comically over-sized Great-sword. 50% chance that the wielder hurts themselves. (2d6, or 1d8 if hits self)

{Spore Effects}
(roll 1d4)
{Con save Vs DC 18, lest you suffer the effects of the spores.)
1: You feel a strange urge to pluck and eat the eyebrows of the closest, sentient humanoid. Save Vs Wis to resist.
2: The spores consume your mind. Int drops to 0, you are now dead.
3: You are so hungry... You must seek out the nearest source of food. The longer you wait, the more appetizing your fellow adventurers become.
4: Nothing seems to be wrong...Oh, what's that? A mushroom has sprouted from your head. It is harmless, and will simply sit content and quietly atop it's host's head. It cannot be removed by any means, magical or otherwise.

That's all for now.
Expect to see more of these in the future, and I do hope you enjoy this one.
Best Regards, Sin

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hey World

Welcome everyone.
On this blog, I will be mostly posting small bits of writing that I do, along with my more artistic endeavors. This will mostly consist of Random Tables for TTRPGames, art for said games, and perhaps even my own writings about those games.
I hope you will all enjoy this.
Best regards, Sin